A Day

Ever wake up in one of those moods, where motivation is low, but the mind is restless and easily bored? That would be my day today. Every idea I have to do, I don’t really feel like doing it. I had a good friend ask me to lunch today. I would only have had to go about 20 minutes from home, and she would pay for it… Just sounded like too much work. So, I picked up a book to read, and I reread the first sentence about four or five times. I closed the book. I changed into a swimsuit, and went outside to lay out in the sun. Well, the sun was far to hot for me to handle without water to cool off in, as usual. I went back inside the house. I turned on the tv to watch one of the shows I had taped, holding in the DVR. I tried three different shows, none could hold my interest. I turned of the television. I then picked up my guitar, played a song or two, quickly lost interest in that too. 

So, having nothing else I could find to do to kill the time of this day, I picked up the laptop,and thought maybe I will have better luck at writing in my blog… I am typing, but I have nothing of real interest to say. Not that anything I type her is of much interest to anyone. If the truth be told, I am not even interested in the words I type here. It’s about as boring as the journals I have always kept. I think the only good thing that comes of it, is some creative endeavor, give me an avenue to vent what is going on in my head. If it isn’t vented somewhere, my husband is likely going to have an ear full, or maybe even get yelled at.

When you have a mood disorder, feelings can build up, and need vented, to let off steam, so to speak. I guess the problem is today, I don’t have much in the way of feelings going on about anything. I am just kind of ‘blah.’ Which is really strange for a nice sunny day… me, in a blah mood. Nothing I can do about that, I guess. So, I suppose, so as not to bore a person any further, I will end this here. It’s just one of those days.. at least I killed a bit more time with some nonsensical babble as it were. Hope anyone, if anyone stops by here, is having a day with more motivation than I. If not, take hope in the fact you are not alone. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a tad more enthusiasm for me… I do hope so.


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