Somewhere, from within the silent emptiness…

An excellent blog for those who suffer with #mentalillness, or know someone.

Voices of Glass

offense-oI think many of us who suffer from mental illness or poor mental health can well relate to how this animation of a what is termed as a ‘flatline’  – normally used to indicate activity in the heart – could also represent how we feel, often both mentally and emotionally, during a particularly bad episode.

It can be such a distressing time – especially (and often more so) for those who have to witness our going through these episodes.  Episodes where we seemingly cease to function, cease to even feel.

And certainly it is very hard to explain or describe – to anyone who has not experienced it or been through it – just what that is like.

And likewise it is very hard to explain or describe the wonderment which can often come when you suddenly, unexpectedly, somewhere from within the silent emptiness of both thought and emotion, realise…

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