Gestalt Of A Spirit (A poem)

Gestalt of A Spirit


The birds are returning

the sparrow,

the mourning dove,

from the roof corner

I hear her soft mournful cry,

and my soul opens…

Like tiny threads of sunlight,

I imagine it might be ‘seen’

shooting out from within me.


And I breathe in deeply

the moist,

earthy air.

So, grateful in this moment

to simply be alive…


once again,


Father Ra softly, gently,

shines down on my face…

as glad to see me,

as I am him.

content, and at peace

in Mother’s embrace.

I’ve been released to another spring.


I rejoice,

to have all senses open.

They fill me up,

with a world, as if reborn.

An inner surge,

the charge

I can almost hear the static of a brain firing

all circuits,

like lightening in the sky…


For in the depth of my darkness

a deeper wisdom is found.

and rising to the light


my purpose,

my knowledge

my soul…


and for this my spirit breaks forth in celebration .

eab (CC Elyse Bontrager)


7 thoughts on “Gestalt Of A Spirit (A poem)

  1. My pleasure. You’re doing great. My blog is all over the place but I am so busy posting and reading other people’s blogs it is hard to keep up. Good luck with yours and I will visit again.


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