Disanence Of Me

I’m trying

and I’m feeling, oh..
mostly anger with
Just coming off the battle of my mind,
the primordial limbic trickster
shifting polars
riding the new bursts..
then fimiluar


too much disanence in this head
never quiet
and angry with myself

for failing to harness another Primordial  limbic spring burst

For failing to be sain?

nor do I have anything resembling profound


but no sleep

sun has begun its skyride

I think last night I battled myself
from pefection to hell in a poem

called a truce.
my phrases sound frazzeled, as my chemically bummeranged brain.

and forcing it in, doesnt mean it fits.

i can relate, this genious
in madness..

can’t even seem to stay… just right,
lucidly see in the still

move beyond exsistance,
here we go again…

Tell myself be happy… laugh at the ones that can make happiness a choice.

and you just know the mess is gonna is go boom?
CC Elyse Bontrager


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