The Truth Laid Bare

Reality is-

I’m not that reckless girl,

running off half cocked, without a plan, on a whim and wish.

No. I have learned a lesson or two.


Reality is-

I am not that younger woman that went back to school, and finished a degree, ran the house, family, errands, and the gamette-

Full tilt , and ready for anything…

Reality is-

I am aging…  piece by

piece, by peace…                                                                                                                          of mind,                                                                                                                                    now body,

alerting me LOUDLY…                                                                                                              (as pain only can,)

that I may need to rethink those decade or more old plans…??                                           Review timelines, and goals, generally reassess…

I mean…

Reality is- I’m a mess.                                                          

Sedentary and mobility are opposite in extreme,                  

and if the truth be laid bare,                             

laid out as plan and as flat as…                                                        

 … say, ME,                                                           

There is no forward movement happening here, as reality is far too entrenched.

And winter cold, dreary in haze of gray, has settled in for its lengthy stay…

finding me burrowed in, cognition blunt, all seized up.

Beyond this-

there is no reality.







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