Seven Flames Glowing As One

I have walked among these people.
They have shared with me their pain.
The youth among them stirred the embers
burning bright today,
joined again,
their seventh flame,
uniting after centuries
All seven tribes as one
The fire is a beacon bright,
called to it’s glow,
Tribes of nations near and far..
Heed the ancient call..
Mni Wiconi
The water is life..

The blacksnake must die.

For our children,
and our children’s children
The future of all that is.
The wisdom of ancients,
stewards of the earth now rise.
Gather around the sacred fire
listen to the Elders speak.
They know the way..
Follow, follow, all peoples.
It is the future of everything
we are being called to save.

Hear our Mother,
she is dying,
and we must awake…
Before it is too late.


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