State Of The Union

There is no end to those who are suffering,

nor those profiting of the need…


Our Lady of Columbia’s torch,

A dim flickering light…

barely seeps through

 Our liberty,



subtly this dissimilation,


by piece,

by peace


Electorate empire,

illusory democracy,

all roads leading to

death of the dream,



Within the insatiable darkness…

as  a wide-eyed world watches..



ages old..

   On Parade…

An oligarchy,

Jakal born,

this feeding frenzy,

 cartel of capitalism

Fed fat,

oil bloated



caufers stuffed full,


with profits of our suffering,

they build THEIR stolen Empire of eminent domain…


on the backs of,

on the abuse of,

generations of,

a blinded,

Slowly silenced,

debt drowning,



law marshalled,

sweat taxed,


media controlled,



no child left behind,

no educated minds,

   populus of willful ignorance,

unwillfully breed…


   United stuper,

perpetual State of subpar..


an oblivious,

and adrift

We The People.



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