I Wish

I wrote this almost two years ago.. its message still rings true.

'Ms Elyse'

                         I wish

I wish that the world were kinder, that the greedy would share,

that those bad choices once made, were wiser,

that loved ones lives lasted longer,

that equality wasn’t such an apparent problem, to some,

that something were said, when words were needed, that an action were taken, that could have made a difference,

that selfishness was something that use to be,

that at anytime, and for anyone, a Mulligan or a do-over was available to take,

that sorrow and heartache were no more, That showing your feelings was cool,

that nobody had ever heard of the poor, that a decent way of life was possible, after working 40 or more hours a week,

That illness, and sickness were a distant memory,

that all the worlds different religions believers, could get along as well as…

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One thought on “I Wish

  1. This is beautiful.  What a world it would be.  I would like to have a copy.  When I clicked to finish reading there was no way I could print it.  Could you email me a copy of the entire poem and the approximate time when you wrote it?  If only everyone could feel the same way.   Love, Mom


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