Again… Phone and all accounts hacked! Can’t post to social media. Can’t go to line 3 as planned. Daily. the logs list foul play. Sometimes I wonder, is it all worth the stress, sleepless nights, acid stomach, and this general maliaze that is taking over my mind, body, and heart….? I am angry, and hurting. I feel violated, and enraged… I feel betrayed. I am rendered immobile, by a sorrow I’ve no words to explain. I guess love really isn’t enongh… Or I just don’t have enough love….. ?

For now… I am just done. And so it goes. I am drowning in growing debts, some persons have caused, no end in site. It’s effecting my parents health, in their eighties now, as well as mine. I can’t afford to fight corporations, goverment, and evil humans any longer. Out of my hands, out of money. And frankly, out of giving a damn; over half a century of activism, and half a year of attacks, has taken its toll.

UNCLE you damn, sad fools. I forgive, for me. My trust, and respect, you’ll not know again. That, you’ve more than earned by your muliple cyber rapings. What a sad, sorry state the world is in, to think this is doing some sort of good. Cruelty has never turned a thing for the better. It never will.


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