Lay This Burden Down

The fight was on

before arrival.

Same as every fight…


dark as night.

The spirit can’t be heard,

unable to guide.


lost in the quagmire…

Then came a fire’s light,

contained in embers

meant to seed,

when the time is right.


In the night,

through fall of rain,

and bitter tears,

the spirit whispers wisdom.

Quiets my soul.


“The love has been planted.

Lay this burden down.

The message of Unity,

is calling now.”


I have seen the true nature of evil.

I know now,

the true face.

The enemy-

presents in divisiveness.

It IS the sickness,

fueled of ego’s greed.


The time is coming…

I shall lay THIS burden down.


Run Away…

A challenge set before me,

on this path I walk.

feels most cumbersome


in its complexity

The Pause –

to breathe…

Today, I want to run


hold this space

tedious the task…

too great?


Like children

running wild

ram-shot over

and over


Turned away guidance,

lost in the milieu

of lies self told,

drowning out all reason…

but the reason they’ve given my tears..



so tired…

so needed…

This burden

to bare…?


Today I want to run…


Calling Of The FLame

Elders of the spirit

heed the call to stand-

The seventh generation has awoke,

ready to receive the torch, we must now pass.

Mothers, Grandmothers, wise lone sojourners…

come and lend the life-earned understanding

of holding close in unity,

the bond of family.

Fathers, Grandfathers, the wise ole’ philosophers…

bring the guidance

of the spiritual warrior, the provider, protector.

Lay your wisdom, with tobacco down,

prayers up,

at the sacred fire…

The day we’ve waited for has come.

They await,

able to take up the banner,

to march on-

Sent forth in fostered unity,

with the light of love…


~ Elyse Bontrager