Calling Of The FLame

Elders of the spirit

heed the call to stand-

The seventh generation has awoke,

ready to receive the torch, we must now pass.

Mothers, Grandmothers, wise lone sojourners…

come and lend the life-earned understanding

of holding close in unity,

the bond of family.

Fathers, Grandfathers, the wise ole’ philosophers…

bring the guidance

of the spiritual warrior, the provider, protector.

Lay your wisdom, with tobacco down,

prayers up,

at the sacred fire…

The day we’ve waited for has come.

They await,

able to take up the banner,

to march on-

Sent forth in fostered unity,

with the light of love…


~ Elyse Bontrager

Healing Light

I get so busy,


In this world there is so much need.

I can get lost on this path of the healer,

the universe has laid before me.

Oftentimes –

tears began to fall,

for all the hurting souls.

Their pain,

I somehow feel as my own.

I can become overwhelmed by the cacophony of sorrows,

filling space and time…

Until one cry,

most urgent

pulls me in,

won’t be denied…

For this,

the pain that beckons,

is mine.

Reminding me,


that self-care, and self-love are necessity.

Healing to the spirit..

clearing the clutter…

letting in the light,

allowing it to shine

through me…


By- Elyse Bontrager

Our Stand

they go to church on Sundays, or holidays

donate to causes

volunteer sometimes too

they are Good people

they have good lives

they live quite far from those who are suffering

seldom, if ever crossing paths

they feel most informed each day from news blurbs

they sign petitions sent their way

they support, and hold faith in..

government, military, vets, all civil service personnel,

all men in blue

without question

they believe that the powers that be, would not diliberatly hurt another,

hinder, or put a stop to civil liberties

they ignore those who claim they do

safe within their communities and homes,

their elite circle of associates and friends

they’ve well-educated children

the best of medical care

most, if not all their needs, always met

they are good people

intending no one any harm

they ARE

good people

if only their slumbering,

collective silence

weren’t a force,

though unwittingly,

standing against…

Our Stand…


Elyse Bontrager